Chief Adewale Bogunmbe

Babalawo Fatona Akanbi Adewale Bogunmbe was born and raised in Ibadan Oyo State, Nigeria. A well-verse Ifa Priest, he has more than twenty years experience of traditional Yoruba practice. He has trained under the tutelage of his father and Oluwo, late Oba Fayemi Fasina Awopeju Bogunmbe and a host of other elders.

Baba Adewale has tasked himself with propagating the Ifa/Orisa tradition in the diaspora and the world at large. In his effort to uplift the Yoruba tradition Baba Adewale was the architect of a religious group’s journey to Venezuela in 2007. During the course of the trip, many religious and spiritual events took place with the main focus on propagating the existence and importance of the Ifa/Orisa tradition. Since then, in addition to various states within the U.S., he has traveled to other countries like France, Spain and Puerto Rico to deliver the message of Ifa.

Baba Adewale doubles as Chief Executive of Okaran-Onile Productions Inc., with over ten years experience in music production. He has produced Ifa/Orisa music for various traditional musicians within the Yoruba tradition through his record label. He also launched AKODA-OLU, a very successfully self-sponsored Ifa/Orisa radio program on the Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State (B.C.O.S) in 2007.

Currently Baba Adewale resides in New York City USA where he continues his works in Ifa.



Chief Priestess Iyalode Ifaseye

Iyalode Ifaseye is a Traditional Yoruba Priestess initiated into the priesthoods of Ifa, Osun and Orisanla under the compound of the late Chief Ifagbade Oduniyi (Araba of Sagamu) in Ogun State Nigeria. She is also initiated into the priesthood of Egbe under Yeye Princess Adedoyin Talabi Faniyi in Osun State Nigeria. Divined by Ifa and with the blessings of Egbe, in May of 2016, she received the honor of a chieftaincy title, “Iyalode Egbe Atorise”, and was installed by the High Chief Priest and other elders at Ogunda Meji Temple in Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria.

Currently, Iyalode Ifaseye is Chief Priestess under the guidance of Chief Babalawo Adewale Bogunmbe at Okanran-Onile Temple. She is of strong belief that accurate communication of knowledge from one to another is critical to strengthen and sustain any foundation. As passionate as she is about increasing her knowledge, so is she about sharing information with all those whose interest has been sparked. She is focused on incorporating her knowledge of Ifa into service efforts to others and the community at large. She travels regularly to Nigeria to not only enhance her knowledge of Ifa but also to continue her work toward the expansion of her support to underprivileged families in Nigeria. This, she believes, is her destiny.

Aboru aboye abosise.