Ekiti, Nigeria

Leading up the the World Ifa Festival, which commemorates the Yoruba New Year, a week long pilgrimage is held where devotees come from all over Yorubaland and the world to attend. Each day we travel to the hometown and shrines of various Orisa.

Ijelu Ekiti – Town of Esu

Here everyone lined up in single form to enter the Esu Grove. Out of respect for Esu, one must be bare feet and wear white fabric having a shoulder exposed.

Isaba Ikole – Town of Osanyin

Osanyin is the Orisa we appeal to when making healing/plant medicine. The water in these photos are considered to be very medicinal and healing via oral consumption as well as bathing.

Ire Ekiti – Town of Ogun

Deep into the forest of Ire Ekiti, we find the Shrine of Ogun. Prior to the trek into the forest a reception is hosted by the Oba (King) of Ire Ekiti.

Oke-Igeti Ekiti – Home of Orunmila

Oke-Igeti, Ekiti is the hometown of Orunmila. Orunmila is the Orisa that is known as Eleri-Ipin, the witness to our destiny. World Ifa Festival Annual Ifa divination is done for all practitioners to know the do’s and don’ts we need to adhere to over the next year in order to manifest goodness in our lives.