Odu are the spiritual symbols that hold messages. They are chapters of within the sacred corpus of Ifa, the messages of Olodumare (God Almighty). Ranging from Eji-Ogbe to Ofun Ose, there are two hundred fifty-six Odu. Each Odu contains more than one thousand verses.There are a total of 256. Below are the 16 major odu. When paired in various combinations they make up the remaining 240, known as the minor odu.

Eji Ogbe
Irosun Meji
Osa Meji
Otura Meji
Oyeku Meji
Owonrin Meji
Osa Meji
Irete Meji
Iwori Meji
Obara Meji
Ika Meji
Ose Meji
Odi Meni
Okanran Meji
Ofun Meji