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Ifa Divination

Ifa is the divine word of Olodumare (God Almighty) interpreted by Orunmila who is the witness to our destiny. A Babalawo communicates the messages to the client. Ifa divination (also known as Idafa) provides spiritual and physical insights that will help us to fulfill our destiny. Through Ifa divination we receive the balance and guidance needed to achieve successes in life. Ifa holds the prescriptions for the resolution of all our circumstances. Whether it is relating to life decisions, challenges, job, ailment, etc., Ifa divination will provide the solution and prescribe the appeasement and/or spiritual medicine required to ensure manifestation of the client’s need.

Shrine Consecration

In order to maintain spiritual and physical well-being and overall balance, we implore the assistance of various spiritual energies and forces of nature. Like fingerprints, we each have our individual destiny. As such, we may be required to have the shrine of specific spiritual forces invoked and consecrated for us. Through this ceremony our connection to the spiritual forces is further enhanced and we become more attuned to their energy. The cost will vary based on the shrine being consecrated (i.e., Esu, Osun, Ogun, Obatala, Aje, Ori, Ibeji, Isan Egun, etc.)

Shrine Maintenance

Regular maintenance of the shrine is essential. This demonstrates respect and acknowledgment. Additionally, this effort helps to maintain close connection with the spiritual force. Appeasement to your shrine will be made on your behalf by competent Priests who have the ase (power of the tongue) to foster manifestation of positive outcome. The cost will vary based on the offering to be given.

Esentaye/Baby Naming

Each person is born into this world with the purpose to fulfill a particular destiny. To support successful navigation of life path, commencing the birth of a child, esentaye, which is an investigation of sorts, is performed to determine the purpose for which the child has come to earth. During this ceremony it is discovered what actions need to be taken (or avoided) to ensure manifestation of destiny. These messages are communicated through Ifa divination using the appropriate rituals, chants and prayers. In order to protect the destiny of the child and avert interference from ill forces, this sacred ceremony is restricted to only include the child’s parents and the appropriate attending Priests.

Baby Naming Ceremony: Following esentaye, the child’s name is determined based on the messages communicated from the Odu (sacred symbols) that appears during the ceremony. This name is directly tied to the child’s destiny.


At some point in our life, during Ifa divination, one may be informed of the necessity to have the spirit of Ifa within the home. Ise’fa, also known as receiving a Hand of Ifa, is a ceremony in which one receives consecrated sacred Ikin (sacred palm nuts) of Ifa. A qualified Babalawo (Ifa Priest) consecrates at least sixteen Ikin which is the amount required to perform Ifa divination.

Ise’fa is received to provide protection, improvement of life circumstances through spiritual guidance – in essence, to align with our destiny. The presence of this shrine provides the opportunity for its devotee to pray and make specific offerings to Ifa. When required, the Ikin Ifa on received will be used to perform divination. As it is spiritually customized for the individual it makes for a stronger connection to your destiny.

Note: Ise’fa should not be confused with Ite’fa, which is full initiation into the priesthood of Ifa. Ise’fa can be viewed as a prelude to Ite’fa.

Spiritual Medicines

There are a many spiritual medicines available to provide not only physical healing but also, spiritual healing and well-being. These medicines are prepared in various forms and are available for a range of circumstances (illness, protection, removal of blockages, attract prosperity, etc.). Spiritual medicine helps us to attain overall physical and spiritual balance, which fosters a prosperous and successful life.


Ibori is a ritual performed to appease one’s Ori (spiritual head). It is very important for us to be centered, grounded and in spiritual alignment with our Ori. We always need the blessings and agreement of Ori in order to fulfill our goals and ultimately, our purpose. It is our Ori who leads us and ensures that we are on track and in alignment with our destiny. Our Ori knows our destiny even if we don’t.

During this ritual appeasement one’s Ori will be called through the use of prayers and specific Ifa chants before the offering is made. A trained Priest will determine what offering is requested by your Ori to ensure its acceptance when the appeasement is made.

Traditional Marriage

Have your wedding ceremony performed by a competent Priest in the traditional Yoruba way.

Ifa/Orisa Initiation

Being a major step in the life of the initiate, initiation represents a commitment between the initiate and the spiritual forces to which the initiation is made. It provides deep connection to these forces and should not be taken lightly. While some may need to initiate for preserve goodness in their lives, for others it is an entrance into Priesthood for which they will serve community. Depending on the requirement, initiations are made to Ifa/Orunmila, various Orisa, Egungun, Egbe, etc. By the time the initiate is ready to be initiated specific information would have already been revealed to him/her through divination as well as other spiritual rituals that would provide clarification of the need for this process. Ile Okanran Onile Initiations take place in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria in a safe environment carefully managed by our Oluwo, Awise Adewale Bogunmbe. Fully competent Priests and elder Priests will also be present during the process. Only Priests who have the expertise required for the specific type of initiation will be included in the initiation process. Accommodations will be provided within the confines of the compound of Awise Adewale Gobunmbe, Ile Okanran Onile Castle.

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