OBATALA/ORISA-NLA: Obatala is the leader and oldest of all the Orisa. As designated by Olodumare (God), he is the molder and creator of human beings. He ensures that all newly molded creatures receive their destiny from Ajala Alamo, the Head maker.

Offerings to Obatala include oti (gin), obi abata (kola nut), igbin (snails), and egusi (melon soup). Food prepared for Obatala must not contain salt or epo (palm oil) in them. Some of the icons representing Obatala are ota Obatala, oje (lead), ada Orisa (Obatala’s cutlass). The color associated with Obatala is white. The white beads associated with this Orisa are called Sesefun. Orisa eepa!