OGUN LAKAYE: Ogun is a warrior who successfully defeated many enemies in war. He is known as the “god of iron”. He owns all metal. Ogun protects us from unfaithful occurrences (e.g, car accidents, plane crash, knife, gun, etc.). Like Sango, he does not take lightly to cheaters and liars.

Ogun is also in charge of hunting. He was the one who cleared the path for all Orisa as they traveled to aye (earth). We appeal to Ogun to clear our path to success and victory. Offerings include agbo (ram), obuko (he-goat), akuko adie (rooster), epo pupa (red palm oil), emu (palm wine), ewa yiyan (roasted beans), esun isu (roasted yam) obi abata (kola nut), aja (dog). The icon associated with Ogun is consecrated iron. His main color is red. Ogun ye, mo ye!