ORUNMILA/IFA: Also referred to as Ifa (which is actually our Holy Corpus), Orunmila is synonymous with Ifa. He is the Orisa that is known as Eleri-Ipin, the witness to our destiny. He provides us with guidance needed to ensure that good things manifest in your life. He delivers the messages of Olodumare to us through Ifa. He is the chief consultant of all Orisa. Today, Orunmila delivers these messages by way of divination performed by a Babalawo.

Offerings include obi abata (kolanut), eja (fish), eku (rat), ewure (she-goat), abodie (hen), amala (yam/cassava flour), ewedu (soup), etc. Some of the icons associated with Orunmila are opele (Ifa chain), Ikin Ifa (Ifa sacred palm nuts), ide Ifa (made from beads). The colors associated with Orunmila are green and brown. Aboru aboye abosise!