SANGO: Sango was one of the Irunmole that Olodumare first sent to the world. Sango is known as the “god of thunder”, a warrior who is very agile, brave, truthful and aggressive. He does not tolerate cheating, stealing, greed, selfishness, etc. Sango loved to wear Yeri – clothes designed with cowrie shells. Wearing Yeri demonstrated his wealth. One of Sango’s source of power is Edun Ara (thunder stone). He used the stone to judge anyone who displayed bad behaviors. Sango the divinity is quite different from Sango Alaafin who was the king of the old Oyo Empire.

Sango is a deity who requires that his devotees squat to propitiate him. Offerings include agbo (ram), obuko (he-goat), akuko adie (rooster), eku (rat), eja (fish), konko (toad), ijapa (tortoise), orogbo (bitter kola), etc. Sango’s favorites foods are amala (made of yam/cassava flour), gbegiri soup (made of beans), orunla soup (made of dried okro), ilasa (made of okra leaves). Icons are ose Sango, edun ara (thunder stone), cowrie shells. The color associated with Sango is red. Kabiyesi Sango!