Oloye Faniyi Ajani Akingbala
Spiritual Advisor (Ibadan, Nigeria)

Oloye (Chief) Faniyi Ajani Akingbala was born to the family of High Chief Moradeyo Akanni Akingbala (Okunmeri Awo of Ibadan Land) and Late Chief (Mrs.) Farike Aduke Akingbala in the town of Aare Alasa, Akanran, Ona-Ara Local Government, Ibadan Nigeria. Both paternal and maternal families of Oloye Ajani Akingbala are active practicing Ifa/Orisa practitioners of which he was born into.

After he completed his primary education at Wesley College Elekuro Ibadan, in 1984, he was enrolled with his formal spiritual teacher, the Late Chief Akinwale Akande Anisere-Ogun. Before this time, he had already started studies in Ifa/Orisa with his parents which put him at good advantage by the time he was connected with his Spiritual Teacher where training took place from 1987 to 1995. The enrollment with this specific teacher was in alignment of his Esentaye (divination done for newborn babies), which pronounced him as a full time Babalawo.

After graduation in May 1995 as a fully trained Babalawo, he continued to further his learning with Elders in various towns and cities in Yorubaland. States like Ogun, Osun, Ondo, Ekiti, Kwara.

In effort to promote the word of Ifa/Orisa, he is an active member of Orunmila Youngsters International (OYIN). He is the Chairman of the Adimula Improvement Movement (AIM), also the Secretary General Isokan Orunmila Atayese, among other social and religious organizations, all based in Nigeria.

Currently, he is the Chief Executive of Omo-Onile Ventures (Inc.) duly registered with Federal Government of Nigeria. He is also The Agbongbon Awo (Oba n’ile Ifa) of Ona-Ara Local Government, Ibadan, Oyo State. Having shown his loyalty and reliability to his friend and colleague, Awise Adewale Bogunmbe, by advising and assisting on social and spiritual matters, Oloye Ajani has earned the position of Spiritual Advisor to Ile Okanran Onile International.