Abode of Esu, Ijelu Ekiti
Egbe Initiation - Jagun and Iyalode
Oduduwa Atewonro
Owiwi Eye Aye
Osun Priestesses at Igede Ekiti

Chief Bogunmbe

OKRAKAN-ONILE Baba Adewale has tasked himself with propagating the Ifa/Orisa tradition throughout the diaspora.
He has also produced Ifa/Orisa music for various traditional musicians within the Yoruba tradition.
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What Is Ifa?

ifa-divination Ifa is God’s sacred message to mankind. It is the embodiment of the totality of human existence. Through Ifa is revealed the Great Mysteries of life. Only Ifa explains the existence of life, living, death, sickness, success, failure...Only IFA reveals ...
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The Ifa Way Blog

ifa-shells Ori, the head, in the Yoruba concept of creation, is not just the physical head that we see. It also has some spiritual influence, which translated literarily, means destiny. The Yoruba believe in the existence of one God Almighty...
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